Who Am I?

I am your average third shift factory worker in central Pennsylvania who just happens to draw.

I have been drawing my whole life, and over the years many people have asked me to draw pictures for them. They usually want me to draw people- celebrities or family members.

I never kept any of my work for myself. But in 2011, I starting drawing pictures of my favorite celebrities for my own personal collection. I have been getting the drawings autographed, either through the mail or at personal appearances.
It has become a fun hobby for myself, and this website is a showcase of my collection.

Some of my other interests include baseball, Star Wars movies, 1980s pro wrestling, and Disney movies. That is why these are some of my favorite autographs:

5 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. This is one nice guy and one great artist! Thank you for making what was a problem someone else caused all better, your work is amazing and your willingness to create what I was wanting is VERY appreciated. i will def be ordering many more of these from you, what Great unique and fun Christmas presents they will make!

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